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MoveFree Therapy Clinics:

We have clinics located in Poole, inside of Fitness First Fleetsbridge and Salisbury inside of 349 barbell. We are a private practice staffed by a team of qualified sports masseuses who specialise in musculoskeletal pain and injury. We specialise in treating back and neck pain, running injuries, shoulder, elbow, hip and pretty much any muscular pain! 

All of our therapists are members of the Sports Massage Association, qualified in first aid and other added treatments such as acupuncture, dry cupping and many more to help with tight muscles, muscular imbalances, postural assessments, injury prevention and improved circulation

Our team have worked with a range of athletes such as GB and world champion powerlifters,, rugby teams, crossfit athletes, Olympic dragon boat and rowing athletes and many more.

Our Treatments:

Dry Cupping                  Gait Analysis                     Hot Stone Massage     
Pregnancy massage            Acupuncture               Deep / Sports Massage
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