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Dry cupping 

Dry cupping originates from traditional Chinese medicine and is an ancient holistic treatment used to treat pain and injuries, whether from sports or everyday activities.  

Cupping pulls the stagnant blood to the surface to stimulate healing by helping to develop and replenishing the muscles with fresh oxygenated blood by a process called neovascularisation. 

Cupping is generally painless but can cause some 'hickey' like suction marks.

By speeding up the recovery process, the cups aim to target the musculoskeletal system to reduce muscular tension and restore range of motion.

The cups can be placed over trigger point areas statically, they can also be moved along the length of the muscle and a few other different techniques to improve muscular tension.

When ageing, our body starts to degenerate, this includes our muscles too. The blood supply to the tissues decrease and this means the fascia of the muscle gets knotted and scarred, which can limit movement. 

Dry Cupping in Poole

At Movefree Therapy, we offer dry cupping therapy to our clients in Poole. Our team provides an expert approach to cupping backed by years of experience in the industry to ensure that we deliver the best service every time.

Dry cupping therapy from our Poole clinic allows the built-up toxins and stagnant blood to be relieved from the musculoskeletal system, this helps to relieve built up muscle tension in your body. Our clinicians use the dry cupping to replenish your body with new, oxygenated blood to increase recovery and to maintain healthy and relaxed muscles to relieve discomfort and pain.


What Is Cupping Therapy?


Dry cupping therapy is derived from traditional Chinese medicine, and is an ancient holistic treatment made widely popular for its natural healing abilities; alleviating musculoskeletal tension and pain.

By applying suction to precise areas of the body, stagnant fluid is drawn into the treated area, stimulating the body’s natural healing process, and replenishes muscles with oxygenated blood through a process called neovascularization. This helps to reduce muscular tension and aid with your mobility.

Some other benefits of dry cupping therapy include:

  • Improved circulation

  • Promotes & restores mobility

  • Relieves pain

  • Reduces scar tissue and fascial adhesions

  • Decreases toxins

  • Stress relief

Get in Touch Today

Book an appointment today with our team in Poole for dry cupping therapy today. We can’t wait to start working with you and showing you how beneficial dry cupping therapy can be for you. If you’re in or around Poole, be sure to book an appointment today.

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