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Deep Tissue Massage Poole

At Movefree Therapy in Poole, we offer a deep tissue massage designed to alleviate any deeply-ingrained muscular tension. The musculoskeletal system can hold tension in what are commonly referred to as “knots”, which a deep tissue massage can help with.

Following your deep tissue massage at our Poole clinic, you’ll feel more relaxed, pain-free, and ready to get back to normal activities with increased mobility and better posture. Our professional massage therapists provide an unmatched level of experience and expertise when it comes to deep tissue massages, and with years of work in the region, you can trust that when you come to Movefree Therapy you’re getting the best service for removing stresses and niggles that’re holding you back.

Get in touch with our team for deep tissue massages in Poole, whatever aches, pains, and ailments you might be experiencing.


How Does Deep Tissue Massage Work?

A deep tissue massage seeks to realign your muscles to ease the flow of blood around your body, helping with oxygen levels throughout your muscular system and aiding with injury recovery times. By applying strong pressures in a slow motion to the muscles, a deep tissue massage can work for anyone experiencing blood flow issues, restricted range of movement and mobility problems. Deep tissue massages – by working through the muscles with an intense pressure – can also help to break up scar tissue that might have formed due to sports injuries or other contact injuries. Scar tissue can prevent the proper functioning of muscles and tendons, either through stagnant blood flow or preventing proper movements of the muscles, and by breaking it up, a deep tissue massage can help you to get on with your life without pains and mobility issues.


Deep tissue massage is an excellent therapeutic technique for alleviating persistent stiffness and pain from the muscles in your body; particularly your neck and back. The treatment involves applying sustained pressure to targeted areas of the body, using slow and deep motions to target the deepest inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue; effectively breaking up any muscle tension and scar tissue.

At MoveFree Therapy Poole, we have found that for the majority of our clients, deep tissue massage is excellent for alleviating common ailments, and can help by:


  • Reducing pain & immobility caused by residual scar tissue

  • Lowering blood pressure & heart rate

  • Reducing pain & rehabilitates injured muscles

  • Stress relief

Our treatments are designed to be restorative, and we always make sure to communicate very closely with our client’s before, during and after treatment. Our main goal is to ensure all of your needs are met, and you feel comfortable and relaxed. Our clients are always impressed with the quality of our services; rating us 5 stars on Google:

“I had pain in my shoulders when training chest and shoulders which made training difficult, since my first session with Nicola I’ve had less difficulty training  and the pain has eased massively. It’s a very comfortable environment and Nicola is very good at what she does and what she knows. Would highly recommend!” – Alex via Google


Contact Us

If you’re interested in our deep tissue massage therapy services, or have any questions, please get in touch with us today via: 07746 828189 or

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