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Acupuncture originated from China but has since been Westernised into dry needling and medical acupuncture to treat a wide variety of problems such as tennis elbow, shoulder impingement, shoulder disfunction, shin splits and a whole lot more!

Dry needling or medical acupuncture is used to treat trigger points. Trigger points are overactive areas of tension that can cause pain and discomfort in the muscle. Using needles, we aim to get a 'twitch response' which is where the active trigger point contracts with the use of the needles to enable a reflex relaxation of the muscle and a reduction in pain. 

Needles can also be used to stimulate tissue repair after damage such as a acute and chronic injury (Short and long term issues) 

If you are someone who is a bit nervous with needles but sounds like it could benefit you, there are lots of different ways to use needles dependant on the patient. We can simply use thinner needles and situate them and leave them for a few minutes or we can then progress to using bigger needles and different techniques which involve moving the needles once inserted. So it can be changed to your comfort level 

If dry needling sounds like something that would benefit you, book in to see Nicola or send us a message with any questions!

Dry needling / Medical acupuncture 

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